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221, for soprano solo, SATB choir, bongo drums and electric bass (2016) 4’         avenir light  16pt



A Moth to a Flame, for clarinet and cello, (2002) 8’ 

Paul Perry, Music in the Mountains commission               forum 16pt



Anawan 1938for clarinet and piano, (2011) 15’ 

Four movements: 1. Lake Winnipesaukee, 2. Silhouettes 3. The Dance, 4. Morning         Futura 16pt

Tomb/Krill commission 



Aquamarine Blue, for flute, vibes, bass and drums (2007) 4.5’                                 Helvetica 15pt

Project for SYRCL Film Festival with Patty Eacobacci videography and watercolorist Jerianne van Dijk. 



Avalanche, for orchestra (1998) 7’             spinnaker 16pt



Ave Maria, SATB a cappella (2004) 7’        Verdana 15pt

NUHS Choral Boosters Club commission 



Bethlehem Rejoices, for SATB and orchestra (2015) 4’ 

Text: St. John of Damascus 780, John Brownlie translation 

Tangible Applause commission 



The Blackbird, for voice and piano (2017) 4’ 

Text: Alfred Lord Tennyson 1833 



Brown Eyes, for SATB a cappella (2010) 3’ 

Text: Glenn Cochran 2010, Glen Cochran commission 



Collisions, for piano, 2’ 



Contractor’s Lament, for baritone and piano (2011) 4.5’ 

Text: Glenn Cochran 2011, Tangible Applause commission 



The Creek, for SATB a cappella choir (2000) 4’ 

Project for 2000 NUHS Chamber Choir, Rod Baggett, conductor



Days of Our Choir, for SATB a cappella choir, (2003 ACF Grant project) 7’ 

Project for 2003 NUHS Chamber Choir, Rod Baggett, conductor 



Declaration of Rights, for SATB chorus and orchestra, (1995) 12’ 

Paul Perry, Music in the Mountains commission 



Doctor Cold, for SA with piano accompaniment. (2005) 4’ 



Downshift, for SSATBB a cappella choir, (2000) 4’ 



Encantar, for flute, bassoon and piano (2014) 12’ 

Six movements: 1. Curious 2. Fascinated 3. Tantalizing 4. Infatuated 

5, Curious (2) 6. Obsessed Tangible Applause commission 



Fanfare for Orchestra (2006) 8’ 



Fanfare for Snare, (2009) 3’ 

Project for Wet Ink 2009 with Estelle Barber, Pete Newsom and ?



Five American Haiku, for soprano and piano (2011) 6’ 

Text by Steve Sanfield, from book, The Perfect Breeze: 1. That First Narcissus 

2. Their Beauty is Clear 3. None More Bewitching 4. Twenty Five Years Later 5. Crickets Singing, Tangible Applause commission



Flow My Tears, for soprano and piano (2009) 6’ 

Text: John Dowland, 1596 



For Whom the Bell Tolls, for SATB choir, piano , brass and percussion, (2010) 6.5’ 

Project with three community choirs: In Concert Sierra, Music in the Mountains, and Nevada Union HS Choir, Text: John Dunne’s Meditation 17 (California Arts Council Grant) 



Fragile, prelude for piano, (2019) 6’ 

For the Sierra Prelude Project, Lynn Schugren commission 



Glory Train, for a cappella antiphonal work for 2 SATB choirs and 2 baritone solos 

(2003) 10’ NUHS Choral Boosters Club commission 



Going to Sleep, for SATB a cappella choir, (2008) 5’ 

Text: Hermann Hesse’s Biem Schlafengehen 



Goldfish, for piano solo, (2014) 11’ 

Four movements: 1. Muscular 2. Graceful 3. Perpetual Motion 4. Revved 



Heaven and Hell, for piano solo, (1970) 5.5’ 



I Wish She’d Never Been Born! for voice and piano, (2007) 5’ 

Glenn Cochran commission 



In These Uncertain Times, for violin and piano 4 hands (2010) 12’ 

Twin Cities Concert Association commission 



Las Noches Calientes de Verano, for accordion, guitar and string quintet, (2006) 4.5’ 



MacBeast, from Hectate’s monologue from Shakespeare’s Macbeth, for soprano, alto sax, violin, cello and percussion (2003) 6’ Theo Black commission 



March and Fairy Tale for Grace, for string orchestra, wind quintet and percussion (2015) 6’ Richard Stone commission 



Moire, for piano solo (1981) 7’ 

Lynn Schugren commission 



Morning Mistress, for solo piano (1970) 6’ 

Project for Bard Suverkrop 



My Prime of Youth, for SATB a cappella choir (2007) 7.5’ 

Text Chidiock Tichbourne, (Tichborne’s Elegy) 1586, 



Nevada County Epitaphs, for solo piano, (2003-2004) 34’ 

Eight movements: 1. The Cemetery, 2. Jeffrey Blanchard, 3. Marian Libbey, 4. Felix Gillet, 5. Laura Wilcox, 6. Lyman Gilmore, 7. Nellie Chapman, 8. William Harris. 

Smith/Laub commission for Kasia Musial 



Nyumbani, for marimba solo, (2007) 12’ 

3 Movs: The Pond, Dragonfly and Dusk 

Amaral/Strate commission 



Old Red Pickup, for SATB a cappella choir, (2015) 6’ 

Text: Louis Jones 2015 



Piano Trio No. 1, for violin, cello and pno, (2006) 16’ 

Tigan/Cochran commission 



Piano Trio No. 2, Danse et Jeux , for violin, cello and pno, (2007) 17’ 

Smith/Laub commission 



Points in Time, for solo piano, (2017) 20’ 

Four Movements: 1. Mount Rushmore, SD 2. Skagit Valley, WA 3. Folly Beach, SC 

4. 9/11 Attack NYC Lynn Schugren commission 



Four Preludes for Piano, (2008-2010) 14.75’ 

Prelude No. 1, lent et douloureux, (slow and painful) (2008) 4’ 

Prelude No. 2, rapidement avec humor, (quickly with humor) (2009) 3.15’ 

Prelude No. 3, la pluie de printemps, (the spring rain) (2010) 3’ 

Prelude No. 4, lamenter Amérique, (sad American)(2010) 4.5’ 



Reflections, for film and piano, (2010) 4.5’ 

Based on Prelude No. 1 



Ride, trio for flute, bassoon and piano, (2019) 7’ 

Based on a Michael Cooper sculpture at the Crocker Museum 



Romeo and Juliet, for choir and orchestra (1992) 16’ 

Text Shakespeare 1591-1595, Music in the Mountains commission 



Rosa Parks, for SATB a cappella choir, (2006) 10’ 

NUHS Choral Boosters Club commission 



Sea Shanty Project, for SATB a cappella choir, (2013) 4’ 



Serenade for Paul, for oboe, bassoon and string orchestra, (2006) 

Celebrating Maestro Paul Perry’s 25th year, Music in the Mountains commission 



Sonatina for Violin and Piano, (2002) 9’ 

Project for NCCC 3rd Festival of New Music 



Summer, for elementary school choir with piano accompaniment, (2005) 3.5’ 

Jesse Beck Elementary School, Terry Jackson commission 



Sweet Betsy from Pike, arrangement for SATBB a cappella choir (2003) 6’ 



Symphony No. 1, for orchestra (1987) 24’ 

Music in the Mountains commission 



Symphony No. 1, rewrite (2000) 25’ 



Tango, a short film with dancers Michelle Gorre and Chris Peake, videography Lawrie Kirkham with Las Noches Calientes de Verano (2008) 5’ 



Terracotta Warriors for orchestra, bamboo flute, and Chinese percussion, (2008) 10’ Paul Perry and Music in the Mountains commission 



Tetrascape an Overture for Orchestra (1982) 10’ 

George Kerley and Nancy Rains commission 



The Creek, a short film, music: oboe, English horn, and strings (2007) 7’ 

Project with Evan Rosky



The Elements, sound design for Earth, Air, Fire and Water (2011) 5’ 

Project with Cassandra Wahlstrom and Dick Mentzer. 




The Man with the Yellow Bike, for string quartet (2017) 24’ 

Glenn Cochran commission



The New Life, for violin and piano 4 hands (2002) 14’ 

Twin Cities Concert Association commission 



The Trumpet Player, for voice and piano (1992) 10’ 

Text: Langston Hughes, 1947 



Three Poems by Langston Hughes, for SSA choir and piano (1997) 13’ 

Feet o' Jesus, Prayer and Fire

Seven Hills Middle School Choir Commission 



Three Sweet Dreams for a Little Boy, for clarinet and piano (1986) 6.5’ 

Music in the Mountains commission 



Toccata, for piano solo (2007) 5.5’ 

Pauline Yang and Music Matters project 



Two Loves, for violin and piano, (2005) 22’ 

Smith/Laub commission 



Two Serenades, for oboe, English horn and strings (2005) 11’ 



Valentines Out of Season, for string orchestra harp and percussion (1997) 16’ 

Paul Perry, Music in the Mountains commission 



Vengeance for orchestra (2004) 6’ 



Veris Leta Facies, for SATB a cappella choir (2011) 4.5’ 

Tangible Applause commission 



Virtues and Vices, concerto grosso, flute oboe, clarinet bassoon and orchestra (2004) 24’ Music in the Mountains commission 



Weary Night, for bassoon and harp (2011) 11’ 

Eight miniatures describing eight stanzas from Chinese poet, Du Fu’s famous insomnia poem (circa 712-770) Tangible Applause commission 



Winter Wind, for voice and piano (2005) 2.5’



Wit, Sarcasm and Second Thoughts, for percussion quartet (2016) 16’ 

Amaral/Strate commission